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Nippon Fuji Series are a new generation of green technology focused elevators developed by Nippon Fuji Industry Co.,Ltd (日本富士工業株式會社), who is a world prominent manufacturer of elevators.

This series specially aim to achieve personalized production for each customer, using the most advanced green technology and meeting high standard safety requirements. Continuously updated VVVF technology for elevator traction system and most advanced PMSM mechanics are applied to ensure less energy consuming. Besides more than a hundred mechanical solutions of safety protection, intelligent supervision of safety functioning is monitored by microcomputer integrated in the controlling system. As the series dedicated to personalized manufacturing, Nippon Fuji Elevator offers more than 300 types of decorations for all kinds of elevators up to the speed of 8.0m/s.


Nippon Fuji  Elevator persists to continuous innovation, environmental-friendly adheres to spirit of "Efforts for customer satisfaction"constantly improves products quality, offering perfect products and service to customers with high enthusiasm.


Nippon Fuji Industry Co.,Ltd Tel:+81-3-58474380  Fax:+81-3-55623910Email:info@nipponfuji.co.jp